Mudasir’s Death Isn’t Mysterious: Omar

KL Report


On Monday when Legislative Assembly resumed in Jammu, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah informed the house that there was nothing mysterious about the death of a Pulwama youth, who “ended life in Hyderabad under depression”.

“Muddasir of Pulwama was student of a University in Hyderabad. We have been probing the matter and have shared the information with the family. We have told them the circumstances under which Muddasir went into depression leading to his suicide,” the CM told LA.

Muddasir Ahmed Malla of Parigam Pulwama, pursuing his doctorate at English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) Hyderabad was found hanging in his hostel room late Saturday evening. Police termed it a case of suicide, however several of his colleagues said that Muddasir was constantly persecuted by university administration.


  1. MYSTERIOUS:-the truth which one can not unfold is itself mystrious:It needs a full sincere it can be unfolded:If C.M’s Statement bears a balance:

  2. A man in stress can commet a suicide. But what was the reason of the stress ,it was the ill treatment by the authority of university in which he was reading.


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