Mufti calls for ‘Knowledge Capital’ Amid Flood Threat

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CM Mufti Muhammad Sayeed at KU.
CM Mufti Muhammad Sayeed at KU.

Promising to turn a new leaf in promoting advanced research in our institutes of higher learning, the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Wednesday said that J&K State has all the required ingredients to become an elite Knowledge Society.

Mufti Sayeed, who is also the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Kashmir, said this today while speaking during a Special Convocation held here to felicitate Prof CNR Rao, Bharat Ratna and internationally-acclaimed scientific researcher.

Highlighting the role of Universities and other institutes of Higher Studies in developing ‘knowledge temper’ amongst aspiring students, Mufti Sayeed said he cherishes the dream of making J&K the knowledge capital of the country. “J&K should be a place where people from the rest of the country, and even outside, will feel privileged to come for acquiring knowledge,” he said and insisted on targeting primary education first for developing scientific temper amongst the growing young minds of children.

The Chief Minister said that creating a responsible community is a task which cannot be only accomplished by the Government. It needs to begin at the primary school level. He said no matter how big the seat of higher learning will be, it is ultimately the craving within the students that counts in making them exhibit their talent. He said his Government will take a cue from IT-enabled Bangalore to lay a strong foundation for knowledge movement in the State.

Describing human resource as the most invaluable asset available with him, Mufti Sayeed said the Education sector will be totally revamped to make it vibrant and research-oriented. “We have to make our schools attractive and irresistible for our children and their parents. We can solve our problems only through education and we are committed to bring reforms in the system,” he asserted.

Requesting Prof Rao to associate himself with researchers and teachers of J&K as an inspirational guide, the Chief Minister urged the teachers in the institutes of advanced learning to be part of the knowledge movement that his Government is about to launch.

Urging the parents and teachers to play their role in meeting the challenges of global benchmarks in education sector, Mufti Sayeed said the new Government will initiate several concrete measures to improve J&K’s ranking in the education sector.

Asking the country to emulate the role of Wakaf property in promotion of higher education, the Chief Minister said the revenue generated by using the property has helped in creation of two excellent universities in the State. He said these universities have laid the foundation for community participation in the promotion of education. “It could be a model for the country where huge Wakaf properties lie unutilized or otherwise exploited,” he added.

Recalling the glorious history of Kashmir, when it was known as Sharda Peeth, Mufti Sayeed said Kashmir had a unique distinction of having established a university right at the beginning of the Christian era.

He also referred to the Global Buddhist conclave which was held in Kashmir in the 4th Century AD as well as having established a school for women known as “Chatkorian” more than seven centuries back by the great Sufi Saint Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani. He also mentioned in his speech the boost the education sector got during the reign of Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin. “He established a great school known as Urwat-ul-Wusqa,” he stated.

“J&K has the potential to grow. As many as 51 young boys and girls qualified IAS, IFS and IPS and other central service exams over the last few years, which is an encouraging sign,” he added.


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