Mufti Conspired Against Regional Identity: NC


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Sharply reacting to the PDP observation that NC has lost regional character, an NC spokesman termed Mufti Sayeed a politician who has conspired against regional character of NC in the past.

“It is immensely funny that Mufti Sayeed’s daughter speaks about NC’s regional character given the fact that Mufti Sayeed, in all his political manifestations all his life has been one of the biggest conspirators against the regional identity of Jammu & Kashmir,” party spokesman Junaid Mattu said. “NC is not an opportunistic bandwagon of individuals but a political movement and institution that bases its politics on the representation of the people of J&K.”

Mattu said Mufti’s ideological opposition to Article 370 is etched in the pages of history and PDP’s attempts to fool the people with such statements are ridiculous attempts to misrepresent history. He alleged that PDP is using “special contacts” in Delhi to warm up to Narendra Modi. “These multiple and frequent meetings are apparently facilitated by a senior journalist and a former Director of Intelligence and are being held to give a tactical shape to the BJP-PDP hidden alliance,” he said.

Asking Mehbooba Mufti to make up her mind, Mattu said she waxing eloquent about the need for a “regional character” in politics today had expressed her interest to speak on behalf of the “Muslims of India” a couple of days ago. “Does Mehbooba Mufti want to represent the people of J&K or is she deluded into aspiring to represent the Muslims of the entire country? Where was Mufti Sayeed’s concern for the Muslims of India when he was hand-in-glove with Jagmohan – who is widely considered to be an anti-Muslim, communal bigot? Why didn’t Mufti Sayeed raise his voice for the Muslims of India when Jagmohan destroyed the properties, shops, homes and lives of hundreds of Indian Muslims at Turkeman Gate?,” Mattu asked.

Mattu said that it was a fact validated by archival record in the Lok Sabha that Mehbooba Mufti as an MP chose to never speak up in the parliament – neither for Kashmiris nor for the Muslims of this country. Her newfound realization about the need to espouse and advocate the cause of Indian Muslims is convenient and hypocritical. Why did she consciously abstain from doing so when she was in the Parliament?


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