Mufti for channelizing youth power towards building new J&K

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Sunday said the heroic, humanitarian and compassionate spirit that has been on display in Kashmir during the last month’s devastating floods reassures us that, at critical moments, people of Jammu and Kashmir are able to come together in pursuit of a common purpose.

Addressing a joint convention of PDP workers from Handwara, Langate and Kargil assembly segments, Mufti said while unprecedented floods ravaged many parts of Jammu and Kashmir, consuming precious human lives, rendering thousands of people homeless and causing massive destruction of proprieties, farmland and infrastructure, a new hope emerged out of this grave tragedy that the state’s enterprising young generation is bestowed with the ability to confront any challenge with great valour.

He said this unmatched youth power is to be now channelled towards building a new Jammu and Kashmir as the moment for change and opportunity is knocking at our door. “Let’s all work together to build a new Jammu and Kashmir that we all will be proud of,” he said and added that the devastating floods have only reinforced the immense desire for change so that a responsive and responsible Government is in place to rebuild a politically stable and economically vibrant Jammu and Kashmir. “PDP can accomplish this onerous task more effectively if we have the decisive mandate of the people and the support of the youth at our back,” he said.

Mufti said PDP’s focus is on promoting good democratic governance by enlightening, educating, mobilizing and democratically empowering the people. “I assure you that PDP remains fully committed to the welfare and well being of all the people of Jammu and Kashmir at all the times,” he said and added that PDP’s governance agenda is rooted in the principles of efficiency, integrity and performance. “What ties all these initiatives together are the efficiency and the persistence with which we have pursued them, both within and outside the Government,” he said.

Terming NC-Cong coalition government’s knee-jerk administrative measures as ‘juvenile pranks’, Mufti said solution of the State’s gigantic political and economic problems can’t be found by the politically-motivated decisions being taken by this government in a hush-hush manner. “What Jammu and Kashmir needs today the most is a responsible Government that can take care of its political problems on one hand and ensure the holistic and planned development of infrastructure in every sector on the other,” he said.

Sayeed said it is only through an emphatic exercise of vote that the state can safeguard its identity and politico-economic interests. “While internally the democratic institutions need to be strengthened on the external front we cannot visualize any alternative to reconciliation and dialogue between our country and Pakistan,” he said and added that the hostility between the two countries has hit the people of J&K the hardest and the incidents on the borders and LOC should keep reminding the two countries the inevitability of sitting across the table to find a just and pragmatic solution.

Mufti said whatever the reasons for hardening of stances by the union government and government of Pakistan there is no substitute to the reconciliatory policy adopted by the Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “With a decisive mandate on its back Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi shall have to revive the process of reconciliation to address the internal and external dimensions of the Kashmir issue,” he said and added that the prevailing alarming situation along the borders in Jammu and Kashmir necessitates the urgency of reviving the process of reconciliation, sooner the better.



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