Omar Abdullah
Omar Abdullah

National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah on Monday said Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s confession that his Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) are signed by the RSS have validated the concern of National Conference that PDP has effectively aided in shifting J&K’s power capital to Nagpur.

In a statement issued from Srinagar, Omar specifically quoted an excerpt from Mufti Sayeed’s interview to the Times of India where Mufti Sayeed had stated – “The good thing is that on Kashmir, the PM doesn’t just rely on IB reports. He talks to the RSS, gets feedback from them. He sees that Mufti is serious, that my government is working hard. That’s why he’s coming”.

“Earlier I had sounded an alarm that PDP had surrendered the political and institutional sanctity of the Chief Minister’s office to the RSS and that the State’s capital for all practical purposes had been shifted to Nagpur. At that time PDP leaders vehemently denied any dilution of authority and control and went on to resort to their usual melodramatic rhetoric to divert attention from their brazen sell-out. Today the PDP Patron and the Chief Minister has himself confessed that he trusts Prime Minister Narendra Modi because the Prime Minister gets his ‘feedback’ from the RSS. This is clearly an unambiguous coming-out-of-the-closet for the PDP and now the people of J&K have been formally informed of the longstanding nexus between the PDP and the RSS – which we always called attention to,” he said.

Expressing shock and disappointment at the Chief Minister’s statement that he had never “specifically asked for a package for Kashmir” and that he “would not like to make any statement demanding a package”, Omar said this was yet another sad confession of insensitivity towards thousands of flood victims in the State who were promised effective and time bound rehabilitation by the PDP as an election ploy in the midst of devastation caused by the September Floods.

“While Mufti Sahab must be content with the sheer benevolence and patronage of the RSS and the BJP and the imminent game of conjuring figures in non-existent fund assistances that are routine, thousands of flood victims have real, desperate needs that cannot be sidelined based on Mufti Sahab’s personal political priorities. First Mufti Sahab’s Finance Minister mocked the flood victims on the floor of the assembly by trivializing their losses and misery and now the Chief Minister himself has come out ridiculing their pain,” he said.

“While it must be in the personal political interests of Mufti Sahab and Mehbooba Mufti for the CM of J&K to eulogize and admire the Prime Minister as an apparently indispensable, unparalleled leader, one must remind Mufti Sayeed that the PDP-BJP ‘Agenda of the Alliance’ has been torn to shreds by the BJP under the approving supervision of the Prime Minister. Today, the fact of the matter is that PDP continues to be in the apologetic servitude of the BJP and RSS purely and only to satiate Mufti Sahab’s and Mehbooba Mufti’s unending quest for power. One would have thought PDP would feel embarrassed by repeated u-turns and snubs by the BJP and would stop trying to create moral smokescreens to justify their sell-out. However, it turns out PDP has abandoned the luxury of shame for the petty trappings of power – and today the Chief Minister has finally become the proud flag-bearer of this shame on behalf of his party.”

It is equally astonishing how Narendra Modi and the RSS have suddenly become ‘forces of nature’ and secularism for Mufti Sahab and his party, he said. “One recollects numerous election speeches by Mufti Sahab and Mehbooba Mufti telling the voters that BJP could never be acceptable to the people of Kashmir and also deriding the Prime Minister for his ‘viciousness’ and ‘negativity’ and the repeated and categorical refusal of PDP leadership of its imminent tie-up with the BJP. While the unprecedented, open adulation of PM Modi by Mufti Sahab is clearly a precursor to some sort of personal political agenda of Mufti Sayeed Sahab and Mehbooba Mufti, it doesn’t behoove the Chief Minister of J&K to lower the esteem and sanctity of his office in this desperate fashion – considering how J&K has been at the receiving end of one let-down after another from the Center.”

Omar Abdullah said PDP has made the strange leap of seeking votes against the BJP to being the marketing consultant of the RSS in Kashmir and this transformation was brought about for the singular goal of attaining power at any cost.

“The mask has fallen and how. Never has it been clearer that PDP is a party devoid of any ideological compulsions and bearings. We should at least congratulate Mufti Sahab for coming out of the closet and admitting to having sold PDP to the RSS – all political slogans included. Today there is no mention of ‘dual currency’, opening of trade routes, return of power projects, revocation of AFSPA and the much marketed ‘battle of ideas’ slogan. To add insult to the injury of its deafening silence, the Mufti Sayeed Government is out to break all records of intolerance and authoritarianism. Hundreds of youth are being arrested ahead of the PM’s scheduled visit to the Valley while the Hurriyat leadership is being given one moral lecture after another to be more welcoming and receptive of the Prime Minister. There couldn’t be a more tragic end to the ‘battle of ideas’ hoax.”


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