Mufti has Failed even to Ensure Deliverance of Basic Needs: NC



National Conference On Wednesday criticized PDP-BJP government for putting Jammu & Kashmir “into a quagmire of uncertainty and helplessness”.

“The current situation in Kashmir is unprecedented. All across the valley, there is absolute chaos as far as power scenario is concerned. Power supply to villages and towns of Kashmir has become pathetically dismal with some areas getting a mere 4 hours of electric supply for a day. Many areas are bereft from safe drinking water,” said NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar while addressing people who were protesting against governments’ “lack-luster attitude towards basic needs in Ganderbal today”.

“Jammu and Kashmir was undergoing through a nightmarish phase with development taking a back seat. All the promises made by Mufti Sahab have proven to be just eyewash. In the name of development, the present coalition is trying to take credit for all the work including commissioning of power projects, opening of new bridges, roads and other infrastructure that was conceptualized, and completed by Omar Abdullah led government,” Sagar said while reminding PDP of its promise of bringing power projects back from NHPC.

“We are in the tenth month of Mufti-led Government and still nothing much is being done to address thousands of flood victims who are now going to face another harsh winter in makeshift shelters with no government compensation and relief. This, to say the least, is disappointing considering how PDP built its election campaign on the premise of providing ample relief to all the affected. Even in the Rs 80,000 Crore Union government economic package, there is barely anything at all for the flood victims in terms of compensation and relief that would enable them to rebuild their homes and re-establish their sources of livelihood,” NC General Secretary, who was accompanied by MLA Ganderbal Sheikh Ishfaq Jabbar, said.

“The anti-people coalition government believes in only rhetoric. The tourism industry is in complete shambles while Mufti Sahab goes around Bollywood to woo filmmakers when nothing much is being done on ground to facilitate their work here. They just believe in building fake political discourse just to take people’s attention away from real issues. Tourism advisory board that has just been constituted has failed to take off,” Sagar said.

He said, “protests happening all over the valley are a testimony to this fact that government is failing on all fronts. Today it was Ganderbal. Simultaneously people in Budgam also resented the government’s inaction by taking out a huge protest rally. Couple of days back a huge number of people led by our District President Kulgam  rallied across Kulgam town protesting on issues ranging from power woes to inadequate compensation to flood victims.”


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