Displacing Jammu Muslims from their homes and creating fear among Muslims in Chenab Valley by deploying Hindu officers in place of Muslim officers has proved once again that PDP led by mufti Muhammad Sayeed is hell bent upon destroying Jammu Kashmir at the behest of RSS, a JKLF statement said Wednesday.

“Kashmiris will not remain silent spectators over the plight of Jammu Muslims and other minorities. JKLF will organize a one day protest token hunger strike on Saturday 13TH JUNE 2015 against this. Besides this JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik will lead a delegation to Jammu on Monday 15TH JUNE 2015 to access situation on ground,” the statement informed.

“Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his government has started implementing RSS agenda on Kashmir especially in Jammu. So called rulers have started targeting minorities and recent killing of innocent Sikh youth and displacing Muslims from their homes and bulldozing their small homes are glaring examples of this. In the name of forest land, Muslims are being targeted, their homes are being bulldozed on Israeli style and hence roof is being snatched from the heads of thousands of poor and downtrodden Muslims. Moreover Muslim officers are being transferred and Hindu officers of RSS choice are being deployed all over the region and throughout Chenab valley to create fear among Muslims and other minorities. This has actually threatened the minorities especially Muslims living in these areas who are being pushed to wall and hence compelled to migrate,” the statement quoting Malik said.

“Mufti Sayeed has shown that he is a staunch RSS man who will do everything possible to please his masters in Nagpur.”

He said that 1947 like situation is being created throughout Jammu, Rajouri, Poonch, Doda, Kishtwra, Baderwah and Rambhan areas and rulers want to displace Muslims from these areas so that is becomes easy for them to settle down RSS agents and workers from outside state in these areas.

“There are reports that Mufti government through its officers is trying to manipulate data of population to change the demography of these areas so that Muslim majority areas are turned as minority. In 1947 more than 3 Lakh Muslims were massacred in Jammu and leader of Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah closed his eyes and let that ethnic cleansing to happen. Today, Mufti Sayeed has gone one step further and he and his government are adhering to policy of harassing Jammu Muslims and other minorities so that their masters in Nagpur are pleased with them,” added Yasin Malik.


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