Mufti was instrumental in bloodbath, massacres: Resistance leadership, ‘refute CMs statement’

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Yasin Malik, Geelani and Mirwaiz Pic: Bilal Bahadur

Refuting and ridiculing the “obscure and contradictory” statement of CM Mehbooba, joint resistance leadership Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik Tuesday said that the people of Kashmir out rightly reject these “brazen lies” and “senseless arguments” to justify her inhuman role against the people of Kashmir during the current uprising and to please her masters in New Delhi for staying in power.

According to the joint statement issued here, the leadership said her words and deeds are in keeping with the legacy of her predecessors who played a “deceitful and manipulative” politics, creating fissures and confusing people thereby projecting diluted and mudded view of Kashmir dispute to serve her purpose of remaining intimate to power corridors of Delhi.

“Holding the reigns of India as its home minister, it was none other than the senior Mufti who was instrumental in the bloodbath of several massacres, perpetrated through his point man, notoriously known, Jag Mohan,” the statement reads.

The leaders said that most barbaric amongst them where massacres in Gaw Kadal, Alamgiri Bazaar, Handwara, Zakura Crossing, Hawal and others.

“It was during his tenure as draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) was invoked in Jammu and Kashmir in September 1990, repercussions and thorns of which our generations are yet get ride off even after decades,” they said.

They said that as Chief Minister, she parroted of a “healing touch” but ruthless killings custodial disappearances countless graveyards and unparalleled human rights violations continued unabated throughout his tenure.

Joint leadership said that efforts to thrust Sainik colonies, discriminating industrial policies, state subject rights to west Pakistan refugee’s townships in the name of Kashmiri pundits with the aim of settling non-state subject’s extension of SARFESI act to J&K and other such policies are not figments of people’s imagination that they decided to rise against and get killed and pelleted but clearly articulated plans of RSS led BJP to which they have always openly committed.

“Their aim is to change the demography of the state through for its complete integration in the Indian domain,” they said.

Resistance leadership said the opportunity provided by PDP to BJP by their alliance which in fact is a servile allegiance to BJP for petty benefits of staying in the chair is part of the “treacherous legacy” since 1947 of a group of “shameless and selfish” people who have repeatedly bargained our “blood and honour” for their “lust of power”.

The leadership said that since 1990 over one lakh Kashmiris have been killed by the forces and then in a show of “concern” cosmetic measures of setting up inquiry commissions are announced with no results.

“In a recent RTI filed, CRPF did not even accept that they have committed any violation against people, so such rhetorical utterances of setting up commissions have lost every bit of credibility for the people but state continues to hoodwink with such deceptions, only to repeat these heinous crimes again and again,” they said.

Resistance leadership said that these “barbaric stooges” first kill us then offer the pennies as compensation.

They further said that unwanted uproar and deceitful hue and cry by the opposition in the assembly is nothing but a drama by another species of “traitors” for want of their share of power as they too have traded our blood and flesh for their luxuries in their tenure.

Leadership asked the women chief minister, that how much blood, honour and chastity, she needs to keep herself in power as her lust seems to have no end.

They said that selfish character of “collaborators” has offered only death and destruction to us, as their masters want to settle the Kashmir issue once for all as per their long-cherished agenda, the in cation of which has already taken place by the “august hands” of Mufti’s but these cunning and wicked manuring of rock hard realities is not going to lease them too long and unless the aspirations of the people are not addressed, peace is as elusive as anything.



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