Kashmir uprising was a manifestation of rising anger against PDP’s sell-out: NC

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Junaid Azim Mattoo

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Tuesday said Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s stand that the 2016 agitation was “pre-planned” was not only an obfuscation of responsibility but also an attempt to distort the ground reality in Kashmir.

In a statement issued here, National Conference State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said the Chief Minister’s fluctuating stands since July not only worsened the situation but also added salt to the wounds of those grieving families that she is now trying to express empathy with. “If the 2016 unrest was ‘pre-planned’ by Pakistan and Hurriyat, why did Late Mufti thank Pakistan and Hurriyat as soon as he took over as the Chief Minister of the State?

If Hurriyat is an instigator of violence and mayhem in Kashmir, why did PDP accept them as ‘stakeholders’ and advocate political engagement with them in its now deceased ‘Agenda of the Alliance’? PDP has appeased the Hurriyat when it was politically expedient and is now blaming them for its own failures again as a matter of convenience and diversion of responsibility.

This political duplicity and dishonesty has compounded the sense of hostility and instability in Kashmir”, the NC Spokesperson said in the statement. The NC Spokesperson asked the Chief Minister to introspect and admit her mishandling of the situation with grace and honour. “The honorable thing to do for the Chief Minister is to admit her mistakes, accept responsibility and convince the people that her politics and that of her party have changed and do not hinge on hypocrisy and opportunism anymore. When nearly hundred young boys and girls lose their lives, the Chief Minister should shun the arrogance and her sense of self-entitlement and submit to self-scrutiny and penance. Tragically – we are seeing the opposite of that happen here. Mehbooba Mufti’s arrogance and insensitivity is increasing by each passing day”, Mattu further added.


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