Mufti Owes Moral Responsibility for Erosion of Article 370: NC

KL Report


National Conference Wednesday said that PDP was a classic example of a political party that bases its politics on inventing lies and propagating them to an extent where they themselves start believing in their own lies, a statement issued here said.

It said that right from the erosion of Article 370 to the Gaw Kadal massacre to the Pandit exodus to the Afzal Guru hanging, PDP has left no stone unturned to distort history in a never-ending effort to cover up the role of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in some of the worst travesties of justice against the people of Kashmir.

“PDP’s chest-thumping on Article 370 is the epitome of irony. When Article 370 was eroded from 1953 to 1975, Mufti Sahab was a prominent face of almost all those pliant dispensations which signed on the dotted line to erode Article 370. Mufti Sahab was a lieutenant of G. M. Sadiq, Mir Qasim as well as Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad when one constitutional injustice after another was handed over to the people of Kashmir by these leaders. All this while, Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was languishing in prison for standing in stoic defense of the political rights, autonomy and individuality of J&K. Today the same Mufti Sahab plays up the issue of Article 370 in his political speeches. The presumption is that people are fools and have no concern with history and it is this presumption that will soon prove to be PDP’s nemesis”, the NC statement said.

The statement said PDP’s prolonged, deafening silence on Mufti Sahab’s history is a self-indictment of not only Mufti Mohammad Sayeed but also the party that is centered around his ideology viz-a-viz the political status of Jammu and Kashmir.

“Either they object to history or they accept it and apologize for it. Ignoring factual chapters in the history of this State is contemptuous to the intelligence of the common-man. Either Mufti Sahab says that he arrived on the political scene in 1996 and everything he did before 1996 was in some parallel universe or he has to sooner or later apologize to the people of Kashmir for disempowering them, caging them and unleashing brutal repression on them. There is a reason why Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is widely called the ‘architect of State terror’ in Kashmir,” the statement further said.

“Just like countless other issues – PDP had tried its best to obscure Mufti Sahab’s role in the Afzal Guru case as well. If PDP says that a democratically elected Chief Minister should resign at the instance of every single human rights violation that the State Government is not remotely involved in, why didn’t Mufti Sahab resign as the Home Minister of India when Kashmiris were being butchered? More recently, why didn’t Mufti Sahab resign as the Chief Minister when Afzal Guru was sentenced to death during his tenure as the Chief Minister in alliance with the Congress? When Guru was sentenced to death, Mufti Sahab was the Chief Minister in J&K and Congress was at power in the center. What stopped Mufti Sahab from so much so uttering a word in protest? We yet again – for the umpteenth time ask PDP to answer these questions rather than shying away from being accountable to the people of Kashmir,” it further added.

“There has been a factual and objective debate about PDP’s origins and ideology during these Assembly Elections and we have witnessed a sweeping groundswell of support in favor of National Conference mainly based on the great work done in the past six years and because of Omar Abdullah’s image of being an incorruptible, honest and visionary leader. Omar Abdullah has attracted bigger crowds than any other leader in the State and has addressed thousands of enthusiastic youth wherever he went to campaign. This campaign for National Conference has arguably been one of the most intense electoral campaigns in recent history and we are certain that our performance will be an unpleasant surprise for PDP. National Conference is poised to emerge as the single-largest party and we will form the next Government in J&K,” the NC statement stated.


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