Confident of Forming New Government, says Omar

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Working President National Conference and J&K Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Wednesday said that the under current is in favor of National Conference and enthusiasm of its workers to register remarkable victory in 2014 Assembly Elections has frustrated its opponents to such a high degree that they are making all bogus propaganda and stooping too low to criticize NC and its leadership, a party statement said on Wednesday.

Omar Abdullah was addressing election rallies at remote areas of Lohai, Nathi, Duggani in Bani Assembly Constituency and at Bishnah Assembly Constituency organized in favour of NC Candidates Malik Ghulam Haider and Dr. Kamal Arora.

Omar Abdullah lambasted Congress for misleading people against National Conference and unleashing false propaganda against it. He said seven months earlier when NC was campaigning in favour of Congress Candidates in Parliament Elections, Ghulam Nabi Azad was full of praises and admiration for NC and its leadership, the statement said.

“It is astonishing that Mr. Azad is now not only criticizing NC but also making Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and Dr. Farooq Abdullah subject matter of election campaign when both are not around,” he added and said that even BJP and PDP who are stanch opponents of National Conference have not brought Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah in the ambit of election campaign but Ghulam Nabi Azad has minced no words to even criticize Sheikh Sahib and Dr. Farooq Abdullah who are nowhere in the election scenario.

Working President National Conference said that this behavior of Congress and its leadership exposes the frustration of the party it is engulfed in. He said people of the State will teach them a lesson and give fitting response by wholeheartedly voting in favour of National Conference ensuring its victory in the election.

Omar expressed confidence that NC will form the new government in the State and carry forward its agenda to make Jammu and Kashmir modern, economically well-off and a peaceful State. He said PDP and BJP have read the writing on wall about their imminent defeat in the election, the statement.

He reminded the people of the firm belief of National Conference in the unity, solidarity and communal amity and said that the slogan of ‘Hindu, Muslim, Sikh Itihad’ (Unity of Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs and others) preached and practiced by Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and National Conference reverberates in Jammu and Kashmir and makes the people recollect the sacrifices made by NC for strengthening the pluralistic ethos and achieving holistic progress of all regions and sub-regions in the State.

He said NC never divides people on the grounds of religion, region, cast, color or other considerations but treats all equally and ensures equal opportunities of progress to all.

Working President National Conference said that restoration of permanent peace, making transparency rule the roost, empower public particularly youth and women and reach out to far-flung, hilly and backward pockets along with other areas is the corner pillars of the policy planning of National Conference.

Omar said during the last six years his government focused attention on the comprehensive development of all sections of the society. He said National Conference would continue its efforts to make Jammu and Kashmir a peaceful and progressive State.

He referred to the historic decision of his government to create hundreds of new administrative units despite the opposition by Congress and taking the administration to the doorsteps of people particularly living in far-flung and remote areas.

The Chief Minister also criticized BJP for deceiving people and asking them to vote to Narendra Singh Modi. He said Narendra Singh Modi is the Prime Minister of India and not fighting election in Jammu and Kashmir to become the Chief Minister of the State, as such, asking people to vote to Modi is nothing, but to astray them, the statement said.

He asked the people to act according to their wisdom and reject the elements who divide them on various grounds for vote bank politics.

Omar Abdullah appealed to the people to come out in large numbers and vote in favor of National Conference candidates to help the State to progress on all fronts.

Omar Abdullah also referred to the canards circulated by Congress against National Conference for not implementing Union Food Security Act in the State and termed it a false propaganda aimed at fooling the people.

He said that if he had not halted the implementation of Food Security Act in the State more than 25 lakh people would have been deprived of getting ration by this Act. He said that he took the step of stalling Food Security Act to safeguard the interests of people of Jammu and Kashmir and ensure that entire population gets ration which was otherwise stopped for more than 25 lakh people under the Food Security Act.

Omar Abdullah said that all tainted and corruption charged elements have camped in PDP to realize their dream of making fortunes, money and property. “How can a party like PDP can deliver on public service matters when it has fielded tainted, corruption charged and ill refuted candidates in the election”, Omar Abdullah questioned and said that PDP only thrives on falsehood and deceitful politics. He made people aware of the machinations and conspiracies being hatched by PDP to mislead people and grab power to realize the personal ends.

While addressing huge gathering in Bishnah, Omar Abdullah also mentioned the failure of sitting MLA from Bishnah Ashwani Kumar and said that had he been able to deliver and serve the people in last two terms of 12 years as MLA of Bishnah Assembly Constituency, he would not have sought shelter in BJP. He said Bishnah is out for bringing change in the area and voting in favour of Dr. Kamal Arora of National Conference to script the prosperity of the area.


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