Mufti Sayeed Should Come out of ‘BJP Fear’, says Er Rashid

KL Report


Awami Ittihaad Party President and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid while commenting on latest statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that it will assist even a non- BJP government fully in Jammu & Kashmir and notion of non-cooperating does not exist stated that this suggests something is fishy.

In a statement Engineer Rashid stated, “Prime Minister Modi having to say all this in the context of Jammu & Kashmir means all is not well. What forced Modi to say this suggests something is wrong but constitution by all means bounds him to cooperate with every state government and Modi is not making any concessions by stating all this but is rather duty bound. It also indicates that down the line BJP is blackmailing PDP behind the curtains and is doing something else on the public posturing fronts .Now, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed should come out of fear of BJP and take steps in forming a non-BJP Government in the best interest of the people of State. If Mufti Sayeed is leader than he should have guts to take on BJP failing which he has no right to say that he represents aspirations of people of Jammu & Kashmir.”


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