Mufti says Modi is missing moment to rise to Vajpayee’s level

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Asserting that the real extent, dimensions and impact of the recent floods is still not being realized by the government agencies, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Saturday urged the Government of India (GoI) to come out of the indifferent attitude towards the calamity that has struck Jammu and Kashmir and reach out to victims in an adequate measure.

As per a statement Mufti while addressing a party convention, said that PDP want to convey GoI that the response to the tragedy in Kashmir has been grossly inadequate, tardy and it looks cruelly indifferent. He said, “Modi’s reputation as “pragmatic leader” is on test in Jammu and Kashmir and even after one month after the catastrophic floods the Government of India is yet to convey a sense of urgency in rehabilitation and reconstruction of the ravaged state.”

He has also said, “Modi as a Chief Minister had rebuilt Gujrat in the wake of earthquake and even extended immediate help to another state, Uttrakhand, in their moment of crises but he is still to respond adequately as Prime Minister of the country to the pain and destruction Jammu and Kashmir has suffered in the recent floods.”

The PDP patron has said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir will not beg for doles but they seek compensation for the loss suffered as part of a country which rightly boasts of being the largest democracy and Asian Tiger. “The democracy is strengthen by the people and not be territory alone. The Government of India has to reach out to the people at this crucial juncture with adequate relief and ensure proper rehabilitation and reconstruction”, he said adding that it was unfortunate that union government has not even announced its plans of rehabilitation so far, which has only added to the prevailing chaos and disappointment.

Mufti has also said that his party is avoiding to get indulged in any blame game and instead have tried to join the rescue and relief operation across the state without politicizing the issues.

The statement also reads about the claims that were made about the present BJP government, who will be following Vajpayee’s line on Kashmir but there is no evidence of that either on political or on humanitarian level. “Modi is missing moment to rise to Vajpayee’s level,” Mufti said.

The meeting was attended by the party president Mehbooba Mufti; general secretary, Mohammad Dilawar Mir; parliamentarians, Muzzafar Hussain Baig, Tariq Hameed Karra; senior party leaders, all legislators and district presidents.

The PDP patron has also said that people of the country and Government of India, in particular, has in the past responded with all urgency and seriousness to all the natural calamities that have struck various parts of the country, whether it was tsunami, earthquakes or floods. “However, in case of Kashmir there seems to be a lack of empathy and concern which could result in increasing the trust deficit between the state and rest of the country.”


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