Mufti terms coming assembly elections as historic opportunity

KL Report


Seeking a decisive mandate from people to establish political stability in Jammu and Kashmir, patron of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on Monday, said that political and economic empowerment of the residents of J&K is main agenda of his party. He said that PDP, with the support of the people, is committed to set up corruption free system of justice and equality in J&K.

Addressing a public meeting at Chadoora, PDP patron said that programmes and policies of his party are formulated by incorporating political as well as economic aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “Addressing political and socio-economic aspirations of the people of the J&K is main focus of our vision document”, he said.

Mufti said that PDP during its tenure had proved to how to deliver good governance and how to bring transparency and accountability in the governance. “People of the State are now comparing our three year tenure with the decades long mis-governance of successive National Conference regimes”, he said and added that PDP led government had established a system of governance which earned credibility and acceptability of the common masses.

“In our tenure of just three years in power, our party set into motion a comprehensive process of economic empowerment and infrastructural development in the state which is to be taken to its logical conclusion with the support of the people”, he said.

Stressing on the need of political stability for accelerating developmental activities, PDP patron said that the coming assembly election would be an historic opportunity for establishing lasting peace and implementing equitable developmental agenda in the State.

“If 2002 elections were turning point in the history of Jammu and Kashmir, the coming assembly polls are historic in the sense that it would be an opportunity to change fate of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”, Sayeed said, adding “during its tenure from 2002 to 2005 PDP had brought visible positive changes on the ground but our mission is yet not completed”.

Elaborating PDP’s agenda for economic empowerment of the people, he said, “Jammu and Kashmir has huge natural resource in the form of water and it is on the top of party’s agenda to utilize this natural resource for the socio-economic growth of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”. He asserted that people of Jammu and Kashmir have first right on the water which flows through this State and PDP has been agitating for this right.


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