Murder of Mudassir is Another Blow to Kashmiris: Jamiat

KL Report


While deliberating upon the current situation of Jammu Kashmir, hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru and his burial at Tihar  jail,  Jamiat Ahlihadees Sunday said that the hanging of Afzal Guru was illegal and so is the continued refusal of India to hand over his dead body to the family.

This was discussed in a meeting of Jamiat Ahlihadees,  which was presided over by the president  Moulana Ghulam Rasool Malik.

Speakers said that even today a young and budding Kashmiri scholar Mudasir Kamran of Parigam Pulwama has been ‘murdered’ in Hyderabad India.

“The murder of Mudasir Kamran is another blow on the hearts of kashmiri’s,” said Jamiat in statement.

“Mudasir was being constantly harassed and Threatened of dire consequences by Hyderabad police and other and today this scholar was hanged to death,” the statement added.

Terming the formation of Mutahida Majhlis Mushawarat as the  demand of situation, speakers in the meeting said that  people’s protest against the tyranny and suppression is not only legal but in accordance with the international laws.

Speakers while questioning the silence of human rights organizations said,  “today no one is opening his lips for Kashmiri’s. Human rights groups and the people who believe in humanity and rights must rise to the occasion and come clean in this regard.”

Demanding the return of mortal remains of Mohammad Maqbool Butt and Mohammad Afzal Guru,  the speakers said that this demand was justified and India needs to shun its tyrant attitude in this regard.


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