Mushrooming of quackery a dangerous trend in Kashmir: DAK


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) has taken a serious note of what it called as ‘mushrooming of quackery’ in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, said that it is a continuous threat to the human lives in the State.

“The imposters are administering mega doses of steroids and painkillers to suppress the symptoms of illness and are actually playing with the innocent human lives Naik,” a DAK statement said here on Sunday.

“Recent exposé of the imposter, fraudster by a local news agency who was practising at multiple clinics in north Kashmir must be booked under various stringent laws of penal code so that in future a person will think hundred times before indulging in the practice of deception and fraud,” a statement said.

“It is a matter of great concern that these bluff masters are misusing the prefix “Dr” and are deceiving the gullible public. It is the moral and social responsibility of civil societies, media fraternity, religious organisation to keep a continuous vigil on these quacks that play with lives of innocent patients,” President DAK, Dr Suhail Naik said.

While slamming authorities for their complete ‘failure’ to check the menace, Dr Naik said these quacks have damaged the kidneys of a large number of people in Kashmir by administering massive doses of painkillers for a long duration.

“It is painful and heart wrenching that around 420 people in village Vehil   just five kilometres away from the main town of Shopian have contracted blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis B & C due to the illegal practice by quacks that act as dentists and don’t know the basics of instrument sterilisation,” the statement while quoting Dr Naik said.

“Unless and until these fraudsters and imposters are not dealt with stringent laws of, these people will continuously indulge in such malpractices,” Dr Naik added

General Secretary DAK Dr Owais H Dar, as per the statement said that “now for last decade many doctors from outside the state routinely visit here for their clinical practices and it is very unfortunate that their credentials are not checked as their practice is not regulated by any local law.”

“It is imperative that all these doctors who are visiting the valley regularly must get a temporary registration from the state Health Department before practising here and also their consultation fee must be regulated by state government,” Dr Owais added.

DAK has demanded that the government should come forward with a comprehensive health policy which should include stringent action against quackery.



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