Mushtaque Barq Published His Novel

SRINAGAR: Poet Mushtaque B Barq’s novel Shades and Shadows is one of the few new books that Kashmir published at the peak of Covid-19. The novel was published by Prakhar Gonj Publications.

Shades and Shadows, a Novel By Mushtaque B Barq

The novel is about contemporary social and political ethos, highly metaphoric and profound in its content. Its protagonist, under the shadow of his friend, mentor and guide, Dr Najeeb, grows up to the reality of his state and of his being. The friends are inseparable and their connection with nature is so intense that studying for hours the ripples on the Gillsar river teaches the boy more than his books in school.

The book’s language is lyrical and spiritual. This novel is a gripping read.

Poet Barq has been a short story writer and columnist. He has to his credit translation works like Mystic Voices of Kashmir and Verses of Wahab Khar, a renowned Sufi poet of Kashmir besides his writings on Sufism like The Wings of Love. He is also actively associated with numerous literary clubs and forums. The author has earned accolades and it was in recognition of his talent that the American Poetry Association awarded him Editor’s Choice Award in 2007. It is his technical virtuosity coupled with his understanding of the subject that his writings have found a place in the International Journal of English.

Barq was awarded Alamdar-i-Kashmir award by Kashmir Markaz Adab wa Saqafat- Kashmir. His short story collection: Feeble Prisoner published by Aditiya Publications was well-received.

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