Muslims perform last rites of Hindu woman in Islamabad


Muslims majority in Levdoora village of district Islamabad performed the last rites of a neighbouring Hindu woman on Saturday.

As soon as the news of the deceased spread in the area people in large numbers assembled to mourn the death of the pandit woman.

Nancy Koul, 50, was working as a peon in Jammu and Kashmir Bank. Nancy was given a post in Jammu and Kashmir bank after the death of her husband Maharaj Krishan Koul who was running a tea shop ion Qazigund village of Kulgam.

Nancy has now left behind four children with no livelihood. The eldest daughter is Saroj Koul, who is 17 years old and was helping the family. Her second daughter Meenakshi Koul is in 10th Standard, son Sagar Koul in 9th standard and the youngest one, Sonu Koul is in LKG.

Over 3,000 people of the village Levdoora, mostly Muslims joined the last rites of Nancy. The women of the village were wailing and consoling the children of Nancy who were weeping bitterly over the death of their mother.


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