Mutton, Chicken Shops Witnessing ‘EID Rush’

KL Report



After clearing Kashmir-bound stranded truckloads for movement on Srinagar-Jammu Highway Monday, mutton and chicken shops across many parts of Valley witnessed rush “akin to Eid”, as per various reports pouring in from different parts of valley.

Five days of Srinagar-Jammu Highway closure had triggered mutton and chicken crisis in many parts of valley, especially in summer capital where people rued over the livestock shortage.

“In absence of mutton and chicken, vegetables were being sold at exorbitant rates,” a local from Srinagar said. “Besides, one can’t go on and keep feeding family with vegetables only.”

As some truckloads of mutton and chicken reached Srinagar early Monday, a huge customer rush ensured brisk business.

Pertinently, 84 per cent of the state’s 12.55 million population (as per 2011 census) is predominantly non-vegetarian—with majority residing in Valley.

But in winters, the fair-weather Srinagar-Jammu Highway often put Valley at hostage in guise of hostile weather.

All the mutton imported into Kashmir comes from Rajasthan, despite Kashmir having some of the best meadows and pastures in the world.

Besides, poultry and poultry products are also imported into the state from neighbouring Punjab and Haryana, though of late, many poultry farms have been started in Kashmir.


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