Muzamil Jaleel

in Journalism Award in New Delhi for Reporting from J&K (print).
The Indian Express bureau chief was honoured for investigations that led him to an internal police report, blowing the lid off one of the biggest scandals to rock Kashmir. Top officials in the Valley were all part of a sex scandal, trading girls for official favours. The story blew Srinagar away. The city shut down for a month and people were out in the streets, protesting.
Following the expose, he got threats from unknown numbers. The government was in denial, but he followed up with more hard-nosed reporting. Eventually, two former ministers, one DIG and top bureaucrats were sacked. “We did 60 stories in all,” says Jaleel.
The Indian Express Bureau in Kashmir also exposed how the police and the army, in connivance with each other, were picking up poor people from the streets and killing them in fake encounters to pass them off as “foreign terrorists”.
Muzamil Jaleel has earlier been the recipient of Sanskriti Award in the field of journalism for his stories on Kashmir. He has also been awarded by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).
A prolific writer and story teller, Muzamil Jaleel began his journalism career in Srinagar. He, meanwhile, completed his Masters in Journalism from Kashmir University. He then went on to join Indian Express’s Srinagar bureau and eventually went on to head the bureau, where he has now been working for the last nine years.  

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