Minister for Science, Technology and Animal Husbandry Sajad Gani Lone Speaking at a seminar, "Kashmir: The Way Forward" in Srinagar on Friday. (A file photo)
Minister for Science, Technology and Animal Husbandry Sajad Gani Lone Speaking at a seminar, “Kashmir: The Way Forward” in Srinagar on Friday. (A file photo)

Peoples’ Conference Chairman and separatist turned unionist minister in PDP-BJP coalition government, Sajad Gani Lone on Friday visited the Mazar-e-Shuhada in Eidgah to pay glowing tributes to PC founder late Abdul Gani Lone on his 13th Martyrdom Anniversary and to late Mirwaiz Moulvi Farooq on his 25th Martyrdom Anniversary.

The PC Chairman was accompanied by Senior PC Leader and MLA Kupwara, Advocate Bashir Ahmed Dar besides others, a party statement said Friday evening.

“Lone offered Fateha at the graves of Shaheed Abdul Gani Lone Sahib and Shaheed Mirwaiz Moulvi Farooq Sahib and prayed for eternal peace to their souls,” the statement said.

Paying glowing tributes to late Lone, the statement said, “PC Chairman highlighted the slain leader’s unfaltering, lifelong struggle to empower the dis-empowered masses and said that in his demise, Kashmir had lost a voice of courage and conviction.”

“Lone Sahib was a leader the voiceless. He loved striving and struggling for their welfare, their dignity and their progress. My father was passionate about politics as a tool of reform, change and just representation and was repulsed by the pursuit of power for petty ends. He never hesitated to call a spade a spade, chose the hardest paths when he could have chosen easier ones and remained committed to his people till his last breath,” he said adding, “Today, we need to emulate his selflessness and his courage to look towards the future with hope and resilience. Lone Sahib is a role model for those who want to contribute to change and reform and want to live their lives by the highest principles of humility and honesty,” Peoples’ Conference Chairman Sajad Lone was quoted as having said.

“The wounds of violence are profound and I believe it is the duty of every conscientious leader and citizen to keep that in mind while looking at the future. A lot of sons like me have lost their fathers and even more fathers and mothers have lost their sons. Only the aggrieved can relate to this grief and I know how painful it is to lose a loved one. All our efforts should be hence centered around serving our people with unquestionable dedication and sincerity. Lone Sahib was an ardent votary of the political and economic empowerment of Kashmiris and this remains the most important goal and priority of Peoples’ Conference today. An empowered citizen alone can make rational decisions. Inspired by Shaheed Lone Sahib’s legacy, we continue to strive for the empowerment of the traditionally dis-empowered,” Sajad added.

In his tributes to late Mirwaiz Moulvi Farooq, PC Cairman Sajad Gani Lone recollected Shaheed Mirwaiz’s historic contributions towards the people of Kashmir as a learned religious scholar, a passionate social activist and a political leader who believed in standing up for the honor of his people.

“The contribution of the Mirwaiz family towards the socio-political empowerment of our people has been tremendous. Shaheed Mirwaiz Moulvi Farooq Sahib was an unwavering voice of reason and enlightenment. He devoted his life to articulating the rights and aspirations of his people and in his martyrdom, Kashmir lost an anchor of faith, political insight and socio-economic vision. Mirwaiz Moulvi Farooq’s role at crucial junctures in the history of Kashmir cannot be forgotten for ages to come and his spirit to serve lives on, buoyed by the commitment of his supporters to serve our people”, the PC Chairman further stated.


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