My Release a Pure Legal Process: Masrat

KL Report


A day after his release Muslim League Chief and senior leader of Hurriyat (G) Masrat Alam Sunday said that his release from the jail after more than four years was a pure legal process and nobody should take credit for it.

Talking to KNS he said, “It is normal release. I was in jail for last four and half years and my last PSA had also ended. Supreme Court had also issued orders for my release and it was a pure legal process through which I was released.”

“If they (government) want to politicise it, that is their choice but the fact is it is a legal process through which I was released,” he said.

Asked to comment about the political parties taking credit of his release, Masrat said, “Nobody should take credit for my release as I got released through a legal process.”

Asked why more than half a dozen PSAs were slapped against him, he said, “You can ask this question to those who slapped PSAs on me. You can judge it yourself why I was jailed.”

Asked whether the reason for him being the leader of stone pelters was the reason for his long confinement, Masrat said, “To link me with something specific isn’t right. I am associated with resistance movement and will keep on playing our role.”

Asked to comment on former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s accusations that he was jailed as he was involved in the killing of more than 100 youth during 2010 summer unrest, he said, “It is his (Omar’s) frustration. He was heading the Unified Command and it was forces under him who killed our youth in 2010.”

Asked what steps he will take to organise his ML after his release, Masrat said, “I was detached for a long time from my associates. Now we will sit and see how we can move ahead together.”

“Our doors are open for all pro-freedom people and we will try to unite like minded people,” he added.

On Mirwaiz recent statement regarding unity among separatists he said, “These things will be discussed at an appropriate forum and when I will be asked for my opinion I will present it there. Geelani sahib is our leader and I will discuss it with him also.”

“Geelani is our leader and we are in his forum. We will follow the programmes of the Hurriyat led by Geelani sahib”,” he added.

On the mass participation of people in recent elections, he said, “I don’t know about the reasons as I was in the jail. But it is my belief that people of Jammu and Kashmir especially Muslims are with the freedom movement and there is no need to be depressed.”


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