Has any Nation Achieved Independence through Dialogue: Asks Qasim

KL Report


Dr. Muhammad Qasim, Ameer Muslim Deeni Mahaz Sunday questioned whether any nation in history has achieved independence through dialogue process?

In an emailed statement he asked, “Delhi and Islamabad have held more that 100 rounds of dialogue till date what have they achieved? Delhi – Srinagar talks have been held umpteen numbers of times what is the result? Can the dialogue between an oppressor and the oppressed, strong and the weak ever yield results in favour of the oppressed and the weak?”

“Indian government is only hoodwinking Pakistan and Kashmiri people through these so called dialogue offers. On one hand this country is strengthening its occupation over Jammu Kashmir with each passing day and on the other these offers of dialogue are being used to cover up this occupation. In principle dialogues are always held for a compromise and those in favour of a compromise advocate dialogue process,” he alleged.

“Therefore for the people who believe in the ideology of freedom for Jammu Kashmir, this dialogue process, whether bi-partite or tri-partite, is just a waste of time. Kashmir can only be liberated through a continuous, offensive, multi dimensional resistance movement,” Dr Qasim claimed.

“Islamabad and Delhi could not solve minor issues like Siachen and Sir Creek through dialogue and neither can the Kashmiri leadership even get autonomy through dialogue. Therefore our request to Pakistan government and the pro-freedom leadership of Jammu Kashmir is that they should stop supporting, advocating and calling for these futile dialogues. Instead they should unite to strengthen the freedom movement,” he added.


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