Naming Institutions after Maharaja exposes hypocrisy of Unionists: Rashid


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Paying glowing tributes to the July 13, 1931 Martyrs, MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that the mission of martyrs is yet to be completed. He said the politicians have been exploiting the sacrifices made by these martyrs. “Though we have come here to offer Fatiha and pay tributes to these great souls but the fact remains that the real tribute to these national heroes is possible only by accomplishment of their mission,” Er. Rasheed said in a party statement.

Rashid has assailed the authorities for not allowing common masses and resistance leadership to visit Martyrs Graveyard at Naqshband Sahib Khanyar to pay tributes to 1931 martyrs and has observed that by and large unionist leadership of Jammu & Kashmir has failed  to serve the cause of July 13,1931 Martyrs.

“If Omar Abdullah, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Saifudin Soz and likes of them pay tributes to 1931 martyrs than they will have to give clear message to Delhi that Kashmir Dispute should be settled in accordance within principles of  Justice and its historical perspective and tell on face that Kashmir is not integral part of India,” Rashid said.

“If the Kashmir dispute is resolved in just manner it will increase India’s prestige and then nobody in a secret manner will have to pay tributes to martyrs under restrictions and tight security cover”, Rashid said, adding that “If unionist leadership would have been sincere towards 1931 Martyrs then from Dr. Qasim Faktoo to Tarik Dar they would have not left thousands of Kashmiri political prisoners in jails under painful condition and then unionist politicians would not have also unleashed reign of terror on people of Kashmir. Architects of AFSPA, PSA, Self –Rule and Autonomy need to bear in mind that under the lust of power visiting martyrs graveyard will in no way be giving solace to martyrs,” Rashid said.

Rashid said that naming hospitals and prestigious institutes after Maharaja against whom Martyrs of July 13 gave their life exposes the hypocrisy of unionist politicians. Engineer Rashid reaffirmed that Kashmiri Pandits will have to win hearts of bruised Kashmiri Muslim brothers so as to come back to Kashmir valley in a dignified manner rather than relying on petty concessions.

“We need to give open message to man-eater rulers of Delhi that our Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru are not terrorists but national heroes like Sukhdev and Raj Guru. The manner in which the religious courts of Muslims are being nullified and the silence of Modi Government over atrocities on Palestine expose the hallow nature of Indian Secularism”, Rashid said in the statement.


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