Nasir Aslam Wani Asks Admin To Work On Procurement And Availability Of Covid Vaccine In Kashmir

SRINAGAR: The Provincial President of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference for Kashmir region, Nasir Aslam Wani on Sunday rued the shortage of COVID-19 vaccine across north, south and central districts of Kashmir, asking the incumbent J&K administration to remove bottlenecks in the way of hassle free and universal vaccination.

While expressing concern over the shortage of vaccines across Kashmir, Wani said the shortage of Covid vaccine has created a crisis-like situation with almost everyone being turned away from the government designated vaccination centers across Kashmir.

In a statement issued, the provincial president said, the scarcity of vaccines is not only affecting both the first dose seekers but second time vaccine beneficiaries as well. “Even those people who have already registered and got the confirmation SMS are being turned away. This besides putting the people to undue trepidation is also jeopardizing their wellbeing. If the vaccines are not available why is it then people are asked to flock to these designated vaccination centers in the first place. The authorities have been maintaining that adequate viles are available with them but the ground situation is contrary to what is being claimed. Even the priority groups aren’t able to get their first and second dozes done,” he said.

Emphasizing on door to door and walk-ins vaccination drives, Nasir said the unavailability of vaccines at government vaccination centers often leads to rush outside such centers risking more infections. “To avoid jumbling at vaccination centers, it is advisable to have vaccines thickly available across all PHCs, TB centers across Kashmir. Administration can utilize available infrastructure in the shape of community centers to achieve the goal of universal vaccination in a hassle free manner,” he added.

Further, drawing the attention of the administration towards the ordeal of the people living in far-flung and hilly areas, he said that the difficult terrain and erratic weather makes visiting designated vaccines difficult for people. “At most places the nearby vaccination center is miles away thus making it difficult for people to visit them during the inclement weather conditions. In the rural setting, visiting large distances in the midst of a busy agricultural season is also improbable. The administration should shun one size fits all policy and work out a mechanism to reach people in upper reaches through mobile vaccination teams,” he said.

Meanwhile, the statement further stated that Nasir also made a telephonic call to Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Pandurang K. Pole and expressed concern on the shortage of vaccines across Kashmir districts. The Divisional Commissioner assured him that the vaccines will be made available in a few days time.

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