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Crediting Imam Khumeini for the historic Islamic revolution, senior resistance leader and National Front Chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan said, “Imam Khumaini (RA) invited its countrymen to stand united in the name of Islam and successfully brought a historical revolution which led to a change in the whole of Iran which has become a source of inspiration for the whole Muslim world.”

As per a statement Khan while paying rich tributes to late Imam Khumaini on his 24th death anniversary has said that Imam Khumaini revived the faith of his people in Islam and put them on the path of righteousness accountability, sense of responsibility, honesty and fair dealing. “Imam Khumaini put its people’s commitment to the basic values of Islam and imbued them with a sense of service to Ummah and lifted them above all differences of opinion (Maslak) which had weakened the Ummah”, he has said in a seminar organized by Unjam-e-Mazhar-ul-Islam, Beerwa in Srinagar.

He has further said that the predecessors of Imam Khumaini had ruined the society of the Iran because they were leading their people against their faith and religious ideologies. “If late Imam Khumaini succeeded in bringing a historical revolution and we accept the fact that it is only the Quran and the great deeds of our beloved Prophet (SAW) which can lead us to a meaningful life and a responsible society then why are we shying away of saying that it is only and only Islam which can unite us and save us from all the problems we are facing in every aspect of our lives,” Khan questioned.

Khan has said that Imam Khumaini was very much clear about the fact that “the state of Jammu and Kashmir is under the illegal occupation of India so the message in Khumaini’s politics for Kashmiris is that they should always be very cautious while performing their political duties because they have rendered tremendous sacrifices in the way of their freedom struggle.”


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