NC accuses BJP of engineering communal discord in Kathua, Samba


Jammu and Kashmir Government on Monday came out of its non-serious attitude and imposed restrictions on assembly of more than four people in Hiranagar sub-division after a rightwing Hindu organization ‘Hindu Ekta Manch’ took out a rally to support a Special Police Officer (SPO) accused of rape and murder of a minor girl, said NC MLA Javid Rana in a Statement.

Several opposition leaders including senior NC leader from Gujjar community, Javed Ahmed Rana lashed out the State Government accusing it of fostering communal rift and manufacturing social disharmony among religious communities. Rana also accused coalition Government of dancing to the fascistic social dictates of RSS across regions in JK.

Rana has urged Civil Society in Samba and Kathua not to get swayed by the fascist agenda being pursued by the BJP-RSS. He has appealed all sections of Hindu community to contribute in restoring the confidence of nomads in Samba and Kathua.

Rana has demanded immediate dismissal of VC OBC and disqualification of MLA Hiranagar for guiding and supporting Hindu Ekta Manch plan to effect systematic discrimination against nomads of Kathua, Samba.

In an order, Kathua’s District Magistrate, citing the reason for the restrictions said that a heinous crime was committed against a minor, which is being investigated, and some people are trying to foment trouble in the district by raising undue demands. “Whereas peace and tranquility is mandatory for the progress and development of the district,” read the order.

“Whereas it has been observed that few persons are fermenting trouble by raising undue demands which are not the mandate of district administration and such actions by these persons are causing interference in the ongoing investigations as well as destroying harmony in the dist and hence undesirable,” the order reads.

On February 16, the activists of Hindu Ekta Manch took out a protest rally from Ghagwal to Hiranagar in support of the accused cop Ravinder Khajuria.

Javed Rana, who earlier today had expressed dismay at the deteriorating conditions and a wave of fear and insecurity amongst nomads in Rassana and adjoining villages, has appealed all sections of Hindu Community in Kathua to contribute in restoring the confidence of nomads in the region.


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