NC bats for dialogue, early assembly elections



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Jammu and Kashmir National Conference has demanded initiation of a meaningful dialogue between all the stakeholders for just and lasting solution of Jammu and Kashmir problem and early Assembly elections in the State so that an elected Government is in place in near future.

Justice Hasnain Masoodi, Member of Parliament made the demand while speaking in the Parliament on the discussion on Motion of Thanks on President’s Address to Joint Session of the Parliament.

Masoodi emphasised need to have a responsible and accountable government in the State for good governance and putting the State back on developmental track. He raised the issue of last-minute clubbing of polling booths in recent parliament elections, which apparently played a role to reduce the poll percentage.

Justice Masoodi said that with the Government taking credit for peaceful conduct of Urban Local Bodies, Panchayat elections and Lok Sabha polls, it is left with no excuse to delay Assembly elections in the State.

He said as delimitation was not permissible till 2026 under the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution and the law governing delimitation, it cannot be used as a pretext to defer elections.

He said that the State is lagging behind in all sectors; that roads are in shambles, Highway remains closed for the most part of the year sending air ticket prices skyrocketing; that at times Delhi- Srinagar is costlier than Delhi-Dubai airfare; that electric supply remains worst affected and hotels are without business.

The State, Justice Masoodi said in the prevailing situation is in dire need of a responsible elected government.

Referring to the death of more than hundred and twenty five kids suffering from encephalitis in Bihar, Masoodi said that the tragedy wasn’t the only the issue of doctors and hospitals but of malnutrition bordering on starvation and that the Country can’t ill afford to use precious resources on political issues that can be resolved by discussion and dialogue.


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