NC-Congress alliance a manifestation of opportunism and convenience: Haq Khan

Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party Senior Leader and Minister Adv Ab Haq Khan on Thursday castigated Farooq Abdullah-led National Conference as being the fountain-head of all the miseries that the state is bearing the brunt of.

Attributing chaos, corruption, and confusion as being the only coherent policy of National Conference vis-a-vis the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Khan said that history is witness to the fact that whenever these two opportunistic parties have allied, the culture of violence was legitimized and normalized.

“Power alienation and Politics of Grievance is what brings these parties together. Farooq Sahab and his allies were pivotal to the design of subverting the institution of democracy in our state and the worst victim of their assault was the system of ‘accountability’,” Khan added.

Abdul Haq Khan

Underlining that the state faced political drought after 2008 and no headway was made on any political initiative after that, Khan said the biggest reason for the party to form Government in the State was to get the people of the State out of the uncertainty which was looming large over them.

“Much of the reason for the recent turmoil in the Valley lies in the fact that political engagement was discontinued after 2008 and no specific Confidence Building Measures were taken,” Khan said.

Daring Farooq Abdullah to list important initiatives/ developmental projects that can be attributed to his efforts while he was Chief Minister of the state or as a Central Minister and Member of Parliament, Adv Khan said that the regressive policies of National Conference and their allies have no takers in the polity of the state.

“People have seen through the archaic and divisive policies of National Conference-Congress combine. They have nothing new to offer to the people of this state and do not wish that the state should be back on track of economic and financial progress,” Khan said.

Expressing his surprise over the new found love of Tariq Hamid Karra for his erstwhile arch nemesis Farooq Abdullah, Khan said that until recently they were at daggers drawn against each other and that politics of convenience has brought them together.

“This opportunistic alliance is a constant reminder of the historic betrayals that the people of this state have faced time and again and is a mere manifestation of their power alienation,” he added.


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