SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday expressed dismay over outsourcing facility management of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank across both Jammu and the Kashmir regions.

It is making rounds in the local news outlets that a Haryana based firm has secured the contract for the facility management of the Jammu and Kashmir bank, the measure has come at the cost of snatching employment avenues to local youth, said party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar.

While taking exception to the outsourcing for JK Bank facilities, he said, “It would have been much better if J&K Bank would have preferred locals for the job. This measure would have ensured jobs to local unemployed youth. Unfortunately, outsourcing has snatched a potential source of employment from our youth.”

“The issue should not be seen in isolation, it is part of the new normal. Earlier the sand extraction contract for river Jhelum had also gone to a non local rendering hundreds involved in the process jobless. There are certain issues which GoI needs to seriously look into; outsourcing, unrestrained privatization being some of them. The over centralization in Jammu and Kashmir is “pushing one size for all” kind of measures with little consideration for people’s aspirations and issues. We in our party denounce any such inconsiderate measures that infringe on the prospective job avenues for local youth,” he said.

He added that the bank which has long been emblematic of J&K’s stride in the financial sector has unfortunately been put on the path of disconnect and disownment. The path which it has embarked on by the unrelated bureaucracy, he said is aimed at disenfranchising people of J&K.


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