NC Equally Responsible for NFSA Issue, Says Rasheed


Er-Rasheed-addressing-a-press--conference.Independent legislator, Er Rasheed Friday accused NC and PDP of misleading and cheating Kashmiris for their “vested political interests”.

Addressing party workers in Pattan today Rasheed asked Omar Abdullah not to run-away from owning responsibility of preparing ground for implementing NFSA.

He said, “Unfortunately Kashmiri leaders have a firm faith that memory of Kashmiris is very short, that is why NC is crossing all the limits and ignoring the fact that then CAPD Minister was holding fort nightly meetings to discuss implementation of NFSA. It was late Mufti Sahib who in March 2015 mocked Omar Abdullah and said that you (Omar) failed to implement NFSA and I (Mufti) will implement it and then all the PDP MLAs and their partners clapped. So by no way NC is lesser responsible for creating the NFSA issue.”

Rasheed appealed people to give their support to his “Awami Ittehad Party” (AIP) as it has been the only voice since years that has been speaking and standing for deprived people of the state at all the fronts.

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