NC gives ‘calling attention’ notice in Lok Sabha, raises security forces deployment issue


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Member Parliament Hasnain Masoodi on Monday gave notice under Rule 197 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of his intention to call attention of the Minister of Home Affairs to the panic and uncertainty that has taken Kashmir in its grip following deployment of additional Security Forces in large numbers to Kashmir and connected measures like directions to sent back families, store food for four months and drinking water making rounds of social media.

Masoodi through calling attention notice has demanded a statement from the Minister of Home Affairs on the subject to dispel all doubts and panic created by such unusual measures. He also raised the matter during Zero Hour and asked for necessary steps to end the uncertainty.

Earlier during the day Masoodi strongly opposed the extension of National Medical Commission Bill 2019 to Jammu and Kashmir pleading legislative incompetence. He insisted that as Entry 25 of Concurrent List under which the law was being enacted was not applicable to the State, the Bill could not be extended to the State.

Masoodi pointed out that Entry 25 was introduced by 42nd Amendment 1976 and the then State Government did not give ‘ concurrence ‘ to its application to the State. Masoodi also opposed the Bill on the grounds while MCI sought to be replaced was an elected body the proposed National Medical Council would comprise of Central Government appointees, controlled by the Central Government thus without autonomous character.

He also opposed NEET insisting that students from rural areas mostly from poor and downtrodden families without access to modern means of education and from different Boards with varying curriculum do not get a level playfield and have least chances of success. He said that the Bill must provide for Coaching Centers across the country for free coaching of students from poor, disempowered families so that they have a fair opportunity to compete for the Test.


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