NC lashes out at Mufti for statement on compensation

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Taking a dig at Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, National Conference Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani Monday said that CM has made mockery of the people’s miseries.

Reacting to the statement of CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in which he had said that “We’ll try to provide compensation to non-insured people who have been affected by flood”, Nasir said that CM has ditched all those traders and people affected by the floods. “This is a sheer mockery of the people’s miseries by the Government. Compensation to those affected in the floods should be provided to everyone, not considering whether the flood victims were insured or not,” Nasir said in a statement issued here.

He said this statement of Mufti Sayed has also punctured the much hyped slogans of the PDP made during elections in which they had promised the compensation to all of those affected by the September floods

“This is the reason why we had sought the Rs 44,000 crore package from the central government. We wanted to provide the compensation to each and every soul affected by the floods. Not all businesses can be restarted again with the insurance money. They have to start it from zero,” Nasir said. He said it seems that the PDP led coalition government has given a cold shoulder to the relief package and nothing is coming out these days about the package.

“The government is just doing the lip service over the issue. A much needed relief package seems a dream for the people of state as nothing much has been done about it by the PPD. They didn’t even discuss or mentioned it in the budget,” he said adding “the statements from the government over the flood relief package look vague and hollow.”

Meanwhile, Nasir also condoled the heartrending incident of Budgam in which seventeen people were buried alive in a landslide in Budgam district. He said the government should have taken appropriate measures well on time so that such incidents could be stopped.

“Our local MLA from Budgam had raised this incident just yesterday that there are apprehensions of landslides in Budgam, had the government paid heed to his worries, may be the lives could have been saved,” Nasir said.

He expressed deep shock over the incident and urged the government to provide compensation to all those killed in today’s incident.



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