NC lawmaker calls PDP ‘party of traitors’; PDP lawmaker says, ‘eis hamam mai sab nangay hain’

Srinagar: Participating in the debate in the lower house of the legislatve assembly during the special session on GST, MLA Rajouri Choudhary Qamar congratulated the government for GST.

While he was speaking, the opposition members chanted ‘Gaddaar, Gaddaar’ (Traitor, Traitor).

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Lawmaker Javed Mustafa Mir, addressing the chair of the house said that the opposition is not allowing members to speak and is calling them traitors.

PDP lawmaker Javaid Mustafa Mir

“This is not acceptable. This should not be allowed. And when Choudhary stood up to speak, someone from the opposition shouted Gaddaar,” he said.

National Conferences’ Abdul Majeed Bhat Larmi stood up and shouted, “Meine bola Gaddaar, mein seena thok kay bolta hoon. (It was me who addressed him as Gaddaar. You are all traitors.)”

A visibly angry Mir stood up and said that before accusing others, people should take a look into their own back yard.

He said that nobody in this house can take a moral high ground.

“Is hamam mein sab nangay hain,” said Mir, while replying to the opposition’s chants of PDP being the party of traitors.


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