NC leaders developed vested interest in violence: Mufti

KL Report


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Friday cautioned National Conference (NC) against “pushing Kashmir again into a quagmire of death and destruction for petty political gains.”

“I am sure the emancipated voters of Srinagar won’t allow NC to reenact the gory gambit of orchestrating reckless violence and using various devious means to ensure poll boycott, as it tried to do in South Kashmir,” Mufti said while addressing a series of election meetings in Zadibal and Kangan Assembly segments of Srinagar Parliamentary constituency.

He said NC’s very presence on the political landscape of J&K has now become a permanent threat to the State’s peace and stability as the party has developed vested interest in violence and bloodshed. Mufti said while despite all their violent machinations, NC leaders failed to suppress in South Kashmir the people’s yearning for change, it is now for the voters of Srinagar Parliamentary constituency to carry forward this movement for change in the interest of peace and economic prosperity.

“The massive effort that had gone into creating a new atmosphere of peace, reconciliation and resolution in and around J&K seems at a real risk of going waste due to the violent machinations of NC,” he said adding that in the absence of a sustained political and administrative effort Kashmir is unfortunately sliding back into the vortex of violence perpetuated by NC and co.

Mufti said it is now absolutely clear that the miseries the people of J&K have been undergoing for the past five decades are the outcome of the deceitful tactics resorted to by NC leaders in their lust for power. He cautioned that J&K could perhaps land up in a bigger trouble this time if NC is allowed to subvert the democratic institutions and processes, the way it did in 1987 in the run up to the worst ever political turmoil the State underwent for the past more than two decades. “But with the support of the people, PDP would fight every such move of the NC tooth and nail that is aimed at robbing the State’s people of their democratic rights,” he said. Sayeed said while the State as a whole has borne the brunt of NC’s exploitative politics, Srinagar city has become the main victim of development deficit and misgovernance during the past 6 years.  “If this historic city is facing a massive development crisis today, it is all because of NC, which has not been able to take the development discourse in Srinagar beyond lanes and drains,” he said and added it’s a shame to see that even a brief shower inundates the whole city, traffic jams make the life miserable and the socio-economic problems of the people are compounding with every passing day.


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