NC, PDP, Congress are equally responsible for the hanging of Guru: Geelani

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Paying rich tributes to Mohammad Maqbool Bhat and Mohammad Afzal Guru, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani condemned in strong words the house arrest of Muhammad Ashruf Sehrai, Shabir Ahmad Shah, Ayaz Akbar and Nayeem Ahmad Khan and the detention of hundreds of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat activists in different police stations.

While commenting over the apology of the five congress MLAs in the matter of Mohammad Afzal Gooru, Geelani said that National Conference, PDP and state congress are equally responsible for the hanging of Afzal Guru and their forgiveness for this crime is a proof of their wicked politics.

In a Sunday’s press statement, Geelani said that the way and the conditions in which the Afzal Guru was hanged in Tihar jail two years ago was a political murder and that act was a murder of the justice. “Not allowing him to meet his family members before his hanging and denying his mortal remains to his family was a big question for the Indian judiciary and these acts badly exposed the democratic claims of this country.”

Geelani further said that after hanging Afzal Guru, the pro-Indian politicians of Kashmir held a drama in the state assembly with regarding to the issue. He said that may it be Omer Abdullah, Mufti Sayeed or any other leader of the state congress, they all have a single point demand and goal that is the chair of power and for this they can go to any extend and if they have to themselves hang any Afzal Guru, they will do that.

While strongly condemning the restrictions over the holding of special prayer meetings, Geelani said, “if India is killing our loved ones and the state government is not allowing us to mourn their deaths. These pro-Indian people never do anything themselves but they have to take permission from the New Delhi.”

While reiterating his demand for the return of the mortal remains of both Mohammad Maqbool Bhat and Mohammad Afzal Guru, Geelani said that until the dead bodies of both the martyrs is not returned to their families, the Kashmiri nation will continue to wait for them and will never give up their demand. Geelani once again called for complete and state wide shutdown on 9 and 11 February and appealed Imams of the Masjids to held special prayers after every Nimaz.



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