NC, PDP Degraded State’s Political Stature: ANC

KL Report


Launching a scathing attack on the unionist  political parties of the state – PDP and NC – Awami National Conference Senior Vice President, Muzafar Shah Tuesday accused the parties of degrading the political stature and value of the state’s political setup.

“Nobody listens to them and even the centre pays no heed at all to their hues and cries. They keep accusing each other and remain busy in blame game without doing anything substantial”, said Shah while talking to news agency KNS.

The ANC leader said that people have lost faith in them and that they should quit. “It is time now for them to go home”, he said.

“Whatever the leaders of PDP and NC do in the Assembly is nothing but pure drama which they perform to gain political mileage as they are all power hungry”, he added.

Calling the conditional resignation of senior PDP leader, Muzafar Hussain Beig as part of his party’s theatrical activities, he dared them to resign from the assembly. “Nobody among them would actually resign. If any of them resigns I would salute him but take it from me that nobody would do so. Kisi mein Itna dum hi nai hai”, Shah said.

While commenting on revocation of AFSPA from the state, he said, “If the state political parties are serious about the revocation of AFSPA, they should pass a bill during the current Assembly session and they do not need any permission from the central government”.


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