NC, PDP Equally Damaged Kashmir Cause: Rashid

KL Report


Awami Itihaad Party ( AIP) President and MLA Langate Er Rashid while commenting on the statement of Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP)  that  the NC has “already made a sell-out” said “ Whatever PDP spokesperson has stated with reference to weakening of Autonomy by National Conference is true but on the same side of Paradigm Mufti Mohammad Sayeed was among the pioneering brains of Congress when Indira- Sheikh accord was signed and if he had awakened conscience why did not he resign from congress at that juncture itself.”

“Mufti Sayeed is equally responsible for murder of Autonomy. In reality, PDP and National Conference are both responsible for sell-out and weakening the just cause and genuine interests of nation of Kashmir,” Rashid said.

He added “Till recent times PDP was just an extension of Congress and it was part of every constitutional erosion, Rashid said”.

Rashid further added that in its tie-up with BJP, PDP has forgotten all its basics and also virtually given upon the issue of ‘Self Rule’ which formed core of PDP sloganeering and compromised on everything to gain power.

“Why did Mufti not  resigned in 1975 When Sheikh and Indira signed accord and instead formed PDP at the peak of turmoil to weaken the resistance movement of Kashmir,” Rashid said.

He added “Let us remind Mufti by making hue and cry about so called Common Minimum Programme Kashmiris can’t be hoodwinked, as Self Rule, Autonomy, Article 370 and AFSPA are non issues for Kashmiris and are the slogans NC and PDP have been giving on behest of New Delhi to weaken the sentiments and aspirations of people of Kashmir,” Rashid said.


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