NC, PDP stand Shamed in comparison to DMK : Mirwaiz

KL Report


Hurriyat Conference (M), Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Saturday lashed out at valley’s unionist parties ‘for choosing to barter the sentiments and emotions of Kashmiris for their self-seeking lust for political power at any cost’.

Mirwaiz said that while DMK respected the sentiments of their people on the issue of human rights abuses against Tamils in Sri Lanka, and withdrew support to the UPA government, NC and PDP as always,  ‘chose to surrender the sentiments of Kashmiris without an iota of shame’.

“If NC was serious about its reservations and “opposition” to Afzal Guru’s execution, what stopped it from withdrawing support to the UPA in New Delhi? What stopped Omar Abdullah from recalling Farooq Abdullah from the Cabinet? DMK’s withdrawal of support to the UPA should hang the heads of NC and PDP leaders and patrons in shame and they should know that Kashmiris have yet again witnessed their treachery and betrayal”.

He said PDP was never serious about either supporting a resolution to ask for clemency for Afzal Guru and ‘very craftily chose not to press for a resolution seeking the return of his mortal remains’.

“While it was Mufti Sayeed who, as the Home Minister of India, sent Jagmohan to Kashmir, and invoked AFSPA in J&K and gave a free-hand to the security forces to mow down Kashmiris at whim and will, it was NC that created the notorious State Task Force (STF) and gave it a clear-cut mandate to conduct extra-judicial murders and abductions in Kashmir”, he said adding “NC’s quid-pro-quo relationship with Ikhwanis was and remains a fact. Both parties, in various positions and manifestations, have been the co-perpetuators of oppression and murders in Kashmir and there is absolutely no change in their commitment to participate in each and every unjust and ruthless decision that is taken against Kashmiris and their sentiments”.

Mirwaiz asked people to understand that neither NC nor PDP ‘can or will ever stand up for their sentiments or dignity as their prime objective is only to  sageguard their political interests and lust for power’.

On India supporting the UN resolution against Sri Lanka for Human Rights violations  against the Tamil population, Mirwaiz wondered what moral right does India have to  condemn such violations ‘while it is perpetuating similar crimes against Kashmiris everyday’? While advising India to practice what they preach, he said supporting the resolution ‘sadly exposes India’s double standards and hypocrisy’.


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