NC resorting to dirty tricks of backdoor recruitment: Mehbooba

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mehbooba Mufti has alleged the NC led government is resorting to its ‘known dirty tricks for hoodwinking people’ ahead of general elections.

“On the other hand this government has criminalized, dissent  and is persecuting people who protest its excesses instead of punishing the perpetrators of atrocities,” Mehbooba said in a meeting of the office bearers of the party from North Kashmir held here.

Mehbooba alleged the coalition government has dismantled all the processes and procedures that had been resorted to some extent to enforce transparency in the selections to government jobs. She said the government created hype about providing employment to the youth and also announced “Fast track” recruitment through different institutions.

“The so called fast track recruitment has not even taken off in two years since it was announced and instead the ministers are appointing their favourites through backdoor. The government collected several crore rupees  as the cost of application forms but nobody has so far been provided an employment,” said Mehbooba.

The PDP president alleged the government has started posting officers with known political leanings as a last resort to stay in power by hook or by crook. The political leaders from ruling parties and ministers have some how started appointing their favourites through back door even though it has no salary for thousands of casual and seasonal labourers and the daily wagers. This is being done only to accommodate ruling party workers in an attempt to buy votes against favours as the ruling parties have seen writing on the wall about their eminent defeat, she said.

Referring to the reports that a Molvi and his family members have been arrested in Gool, Mehbooba said the government has virtually turned justice on its head in the state. She said though the Home Minister of India had announced a probe into the massacre caused by paramilitary personnel in Gool the state Chief Minister openly accused a Molvi of having master minded the killings. “And now, in a bid to prove more loyal than the king the very persons who brought the matter into the notice of the government have been arrested,” she said.

Mehboba said this reminds of the 2009 atrocities in Shopian in which the case of murder and rape of two young ladies was hushed up and those who protested were prosecuted. The government even filed criminal cases against the doctors who conducted post-mortem and confirmed rape and the lawyers who represented the family of the unfortunate victims.

Mehbooba said ahead of the elections the government wants to create instability and an atmosphere of fear so that it can indulge in malpractices  She said Omar Abdullah’s war mongering and advocating  attack on Pakistan is part of this design and the present government can go to any extent to create a disturbed situation but people of the state are now fully aware of these dirty tricks and will give a fitting reply to this most hated government in the history of Jammu & Kashmir.


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