NC responsible for political, economical exploitation of Kashmir: Mirwaiz

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Holding Government of India and the pro-India National Conference party directly responsible for the political and economical exploitation of Kashmiris, Hurriyat (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said the recent statement of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah whereby he defended his grandfather decision to accede to India was contrary to the historical and political realities.

APHC Chairman said the onus of political and economic exploitation of Kashmiris falls equally on both Indian rulers and National conference for being remaining in power most of the time since 1947. Hence, he said that NC was directly responsible for the interminable sufferings and oppression faced by Kashmiris.

Addressing Friday Congregation at the Historic Jamia Masjid and later the activists, and delegates of Awami Action Committee at Mirwaiz Manzil, Mirwaiz said from day one the entire leadership of NC had remained involved in unleashing terror, torture and gross human rights violations on defenseless Kashmiris. He said that NC left no stone unturned to exploit the Kashmiri resources whereby it sold them for peanuts just for its petty vested interests.

APHC Chairman stressed that it was NC which brought Indian army to Kashmir and compromised on some special powers lying with the people. He said that by changing Muslim Conference into NC, its leadership stabbed people on their back, adding, the same party raised the slogan of Kashmir Plebiscite for 22 years and later did a complete U-turn by terming it as a political wandering.  “It is the clear depiction of hollow politics,” Mirwaiz said.

The APHC Chairman said that NC has no ideology, neither any outlook, but it needs lust for power. He said that the party was responsible for the current sufferings and bloodshed of Kashmiris.

Rejecting Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s claims of economic progress and reforms in Kashmir, Mirwaiz said the truth was that this party has sold out the Kashmiri resources and turned the Kashmir into a dependent state. Before NC came to power, he said that Kashmir was independent in all respects as the rate of Kashmir imports was 1 % while exports were 3%.

Mirwaiz said the situation is now so worse that Kashmir imports goods worth 40,000 crore rupees while the exports stands at just 7000 crore Rs. He said that Kashmir was the first place in the region to have it indigenous Mohra power house in 1905. He said the Kashmir has the potential to produce 25000, MW’s of electricity by utilizing its water resources and can reap profit of one Lakh crore rupees. However, he lamented that due to the poor economic policies of NC, the entire Kashmir is reeling under darkness. He said that the party has sold all the resources of Kashmir to India for peanuts just for its petty interests and to remain in power.

Asserting that NC had no economic policy for Kashmir, Mirwaiz said that agricultural and horticultural land was being fast turned into a concrete jungle thus  further encouraging economical dependence of Kashmir. He said that on one hand government was claiming of promoting tourism while on the other hotels and commercial complexes were sealed for want of STP. He said black laws continue to be imposed, instead of removing pickets and bunkers, they continue to exist, and lives of people are being monitored. He said the entire state has been turned into a beggar state and they are dependent for even a corn from outside.

APHC Chairman said Kashmir was self sufficient in resources and can become one of the progressive nations of the world. However, he said that till Kashmir issue is not resolved according to the wishes and aspirations of people, there was no space for progress and development in the region in real sense.

Mirwaiz said Hurriyat represents people’s aspirations and emotions and would continue to do so in future till the freedom struggle reaches its logical conclusion.

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