National Conference on Wednesday said the Tourism Ministry in J&K was functioning in an ad-hoc manner with the Chief Minister having “absolved himself” of the Ministerial duties towards this crucial sector of vital economic significance to the State.

A statement issued here said, “the J&K Government is violating codal formalities in the allotment of heli-services contracts to major tourism destinations,” adding, “the process was not only murky but brazen in its completely lack of authenticity.”

The statement added, “there is a complete lack of transparency and accountability in the Tourism Department and the Tourism Development Corporation which is adversely affecting the Tourism Industry in the State.”

The statement quoting NC’s Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani also lashed out at the State Government for its “failed first Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) meeting” where a number of recently nominated members were conspicuously absent”.

“This is the point that we had made earlier. The Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) should have local members who are serious about the issues faced by the Tourism Industry and are the actual stakeholders with valuable feedback and experience of operating within the State.”

“There are very serious indications that the State Government is planning to allot key hotel sites in the Valley to pre-selected individuals and it appears this could be the actual motive behind the constitution of the Tourism Advisory Board (TAB). Just like it has been done by JKTDC in the allotment of heli-services contracts, efforts are being made to allot key hotel sites to a chosen few without any transparent tendering procedures. The Mufti Government is more interested in the pursuit of these self-seeking motives rather than focusing on rehabilitating the State’s devastated Tourism Sector which has been left in the lurch after the September 2014 Floods,” the statement stated.


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