NC’s power greed is exploited by Congress: Rashid

KL Report


Amid pandemonium and chaos in Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly on Tuesday over the new administrative units, there were heated exchanges between Independent lawmaker Er Rashid and Minister for Higher Education and National Conference leader, Muhammad Akbar Lone.

“People of Kashmir voted for you but your party National Conference is stabbing Kashmiri’s in their back and providing all benefits to Jammu,” Rashid said pointing his finger towards Lone who was opposing the move of Peoples Democratic Party legislators over the creation of administrative units.

Lone shot back at Rashid saying that it is none of his business to criticize the policies of National Conference. “You take care of your Constituency where people are satisfied with the decision of the government,” Lone told Rashid.

Rashid shot back and said that “Congress party is using you as you are power hungry. You are diverting all the funds allocated for Kashmir to Jammu. You are power mongers and Congress party is exploiting you as a result Kashmiri people are facing discrimination.”


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