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Reacting to senior PDP leader and Member Parliament, Muzaffar Hussain Baig’s statement regarding the settlement of West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs), National Conference (NC) Sunday asked the party (PDP) to come clean over the issue and clarify whether they standby his (Beig’s) statement or not.

Talking to KNS NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said, “Let PDP clear whether Beig’s statement is his own or it is party’s view. They (PDP) must explain each and everything as Beig is considered as number two in the party. PDP shouldn’t keep people of the state in dark.”

Ridiculing Beig’s statement that ‘as Muslims, we need to understand what Quran and the Sunnah says about the issue’, he said, “(J&K) state is governed by the constitution. The Islamic reference he (Beig) is giving let him explain whether ours is an Islamic state then it can be thought. In which context he (Beig) is giving reference of Islam, Quran and Sunnah. It is a dangerous game. What BJP couldn’t say themselves now PDP is saying it. J&K isn’t Suadi Arabi where Islamic laws are in force.”

“If it is Islamic state then Islamic laws can be implemented. Let him (Beig) clarify whether J&K is an Islamic state?” Sagar asked.

The NC General Secretary said Beig is dragging Bangladesh, Burma and USA in the issue which is ‘ridiculous’. “He (Beig) claims himself to be the biggest expert of law. Has he gone though the law and Constitution or is it whatever suits him and PDP he say it. There can’t be any compromise on Constitution of J&K,” he added.

Sagar alleged that PDP was creation of BJP. “PDP is a creation of BJP we had said it when autonomy resolution of NC was rejected. Now they are getting exposed. Beig is heading the committee which is in talks with BJP for government formation. He is in contact with Ram Madhav and Arun Jatiely. Is it they are making people ready what the political agenda of PDP is? If it is like that PDP should clear it,” he said.

The NC leader claimed that PDP was just buying time from the last one and half months. “Now the real face of PDP is coming to fore as political issues they are speaking on have dangers for unity of the state. It is conspiracy against the special status of the state and they (PDP) should explain it,” Sagar said.


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