NC’s strength mandate of people, not Personal associations: Nasir

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Certain leaders of the Peoples’ Democratic Party have been issuing statements that reek of irony and hypocrisy. PDP, facing imminent rout from even its self-proclaimed “bastions”, is desperately trying to misrepresent facts and fool the public with their shrill rhetoric and theatrics. PDP should look at the contradictory political history of its own patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to understand that a distortion of history doesn’t change history,” Nasir Aslam Wani, said in a statement issued to KNS on Tuesday.

Wani has added that nothing can be more ironic than Mehbooba Mufti accusing Omar Abdullah of hiding behind excuses of turmoil and militancy.  “Unlike PDP, rather than exploiting sentiments for self-seeking interests and having hypocritical moral pretensions, the Omar Abdullah led government has dealt with phases of unrest with political sobriety while continuing with dispensing transparent, progressive and inclusive governance at the same time. PDP proved to be an unreliable and shady party to be in a coalition with in 2008 and then went on to operate as a destructive, irresponsible opposition after 2008.”

He added that rather than misrepresenting facts and spreading canards about NC’s tenure, why isn’t the PDP talking about its shocking lack of tangible achievements while in power? Apart from a narrow, shoddy fly-over and beautification of the Jehlum Bund, which apparently qualify as “achievements”, what has the PDP given to the people of this State on a systemic level beyond shrieks and sermons?

Omar Abdullah led government has ushered J&K into a corrective era of growth, transparency and equitable, inclusive development across all three regions of the State. Muzaffar Beig’s melodrama cannot change the ground-realities. This government has initiated some of the biggest re-construction and development initiatives and projects that this State has seen. This NC-Congress government has generated jobs in both the public and the private sector and implemented schemes to harness the potential of our youth as entrepreneurs and professionals.

It’s amusing how PDP has claimed credit even for the initiatives taken by successive Indian Prime Ministers through special packages meant for the State. At times the same party ridicules these packages as doles and alms and at convenience; they do a complete turnaround and start claiming credit for them.

PDP leaders, who are frustrated at PDP’s irrelevance and marginalization, should know that NC is not at the helm of affairs because of personal associations or friendships but because of the mandate given by the people of this State and on the basis of a demonstrated sincerity and maturity that the party has shown in governing the State in both good and bad times. NC does not believe in backstabbing and will continue to empower the people to dream of a better and more prosperous future.

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