You need psychiatric help, JKLFs Malik tells India’s primetime TV debaters

SRINAGAR: JKLF leader Yasin Malik believes the state sponsorships have changed in case of Kashmir. Earlier it was mass killings, now it is “economic terrorism”.

“The hate-mongering leadership of a country whose prime time television holds debates on good health and red cheeks of Kashmiris should seriously have some psychiatric check-up,” Malik told a gathering in Noorbagh on Sunday. He was in Noorbagh to condole the death of JKLF member Muhammad Yousuf Butt @ Jangali who died recently.

“India tried everything to break the will of Kashmiris. From mass killings to mass blinding and maiming, destroying properties to jailing thousands, putting ban on media and internet to false propaganda on TV channels and from intermediations to worst kind of oppression,” Malik said. “Kashmiris have endeavored everything but have refused to surrender.”

This, he said, has frustrated Indian leadership so much that they started an economic war against Kashmiris and managed to bring down our tourist industry enormously this year. He said while state was seeking boost to terrorism, Prime Minister offered a choice: terrorism or tourism.

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