NEET Aspirants Can Test Their Capacity Online

SRINAGAR: A couple of Kashmir companies have tied-up with a group of professionals and brought an on-line package home. The students are supposed to pay a registration fee of Rs 750 and in another case Rs 1500. There are no tuition fees required for the 45-days course, a promoter of the idea told Kashmir life.

“It is NEET Bio-Revision program for students who are readying to appear in the examination in September 2020,” one of the initiators from the STC, a software company said. “It is a comprehensive revision of NEET Biology syllabus by a highly qualified and competent expert who has been teaching at AIPMT/NEET/AIIMS level at All India level institutions for 12 years.”

The programme envisages a 45 days capsule with 6 hrs every day. Revision and test series are combined; the programme includes paper discussion and general doubt clearance sessions. “Entire Biology syllabus is divided into 11 modules (3 to 4 chapters each), each module of teaching is followed by a unit test of 45 MCQs (180 marks) and after completion of all modules there will be four grand tests of 90 MCQs (360 marks),” the co-initiator said.

“At the end of the program, we hope students will have clarity of concepts and enough practice of NCERT based questions which will help them to crack NEET 2020 examination with flying colours.” Students can visit the website to follow the registration process: They can call at +91 979 6999 194 as well. The students must talk to the promoters and have complete knowledge of the programmes.

These are basically two programmes. The 45-days capsule includes four hours daily Comprehensive Bio Revision and Test Series with Daily Unit Tests, Test after completion of certain topics followed by Grand Test series of the whole syllabus. This includes Paper discussion and Doubt Clearance session as well.

The other programme is about Test Series designed for students who might not be interested in the comprehensive review but only want examination practice. It is for those students who are not able to take out four hours from their study schedule.

Three local companies have teamed up to bring these online courses to the students – STC, Rahim Greens and Aaaraf Spices. Barring registration, almost every other thing is sponsored, they said.


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