SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday said that it is time New Delhi accepts the realities in Jammu and Kashmir, saying unless sufferings of the people of J&K aren’t recognized nothing is going to change on ground.

This was said by Party General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar while interacting with scores of delegations, who had called on him at the party head quarters Nawa e Subha, Srinagar.

He said that there is a chronic problem in Kashmir which needs to be addressed. “With top down orders and diktats being issued every now and then, the ground reality in Kashmir presents a dismal picture of New Delhi’s reading of the prevailing situation,” he said.

“The present ruling dispensation has made J&K a simmering cauldron of discontent, uncertainty and political vacuum with its lopsided and dimwitted policies. Issues in Kashmir are a result of complex historical grievances, alienation of youth, and unrelenting failure of New Delhi to address the wishes and aspirations of people.  The situation unfolding in J&K  is only confirming the wave of apprehensions people had. Increased targeted killings, scathing unemployment, return of bunkers, increasing foot prints of security forces, widespread unaccountability, administrative inertia, development deficit, casualties of security forces, sinking economy and trade in Jammu and Kashmir are the living examples of ruling dispensation missteps,” he said.

He added, “Unless the ruling dispensation in New Delhi would accept the reality of Kashmir issue and “reframe” its policy for meaningful and genuine reach out to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, there cannot be any redemption in the situation.”




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