‘New Year Celebrations in Kashmir Mean Cultural Aggression,’ says Geelani



Syed Ali Geelani
Syed Ali Geelani

Appealing people especially youth to “uphold their religious, cultural and moral values and do not show the slavish mind set in any way”, Hurriyat Conference (g) chairperson, Syed Ali Geelani, Tuesday said that the New Year Celebrations proposed program at Gulmarg and other places is “cultural aggression”.

“Islam being the religion of nature doesn’t oppose or ban the expeditions or the excursions but everything in the universe has limits and this activity also has it limits and no Muslim should crossover those limits,” he said in a Hurriyat (g) issued statement. “The Western culture is now reckoned as rejected culture and the people of New York and Washington too are fed up with the vulgar and horrific actions of this culture. This so-called modern civilization has destroyed the social setup of the Man and has reduced a human being to the level of an animal.”

The octogenarian Hurriyat leader said, “the people in West are although running away from their wild civilizations and are taking refuge in religion especially in Islam but some cheap mentality people are still copying this culture here. It is their cheap and slavish thinking that in today’s era of knowledge, they are still mistaking every shining object with the diamond.” “Despite the centuries in slavery, Kashmiri nation had always upheld its rich cultural tradition and had always behaved like a civilized society and the examples of our politeness, brotherhood, modesty and our moral values are famous all over the world. Whatever is being thrusted upon us in the name of New Year celebrations has nothing to do with our rich social values and traditions. It is just a cultural aggression which is aimed to detach us from our religion, society and our rich past.”


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