NFSA Protests: ‘Seeking Help from Pakistan A Slap on India,’ says Rasheed



Rasheed in Karnah

Independent lawmaker representing Langate assembly constituency, Er Rasheed Sunday after his two-day visit to snow bound Keran appealed the agitating people to calm down and assured them that he will take up the issue with the administration at all the levels.

“Successive governments have miserably failed to take even a bit of care to provide very basic immunity of life to people of Karnah and Keran. There is nothing embracing than the fact that Kashmiris living on the other side of LoC are enjoying every basic amenities of life and the disappointment and miseries can be felt on the faces of every citizen of Keran and Tanghdar. Not only the main road from Milyal to Keran is in shambles, but there doesn’t exist even a single link road in the entire Keran area. There is no electricity and just one hospital which too lacks infrastructure and manpower. There can be nothing shameful than the fact that when people elsewhere are expecting 4G Network but poor inhabitants of Keran can’t make even an STD  call,” he said.

Rasheed appealed government to withdraw NFSA and said, “right thing on the wall needs to be read in right perspective as people from Srinagar to Keran are protesting in one voice against the act.”

He added, “if Modi can play politics over a cup of tea with Nawaz Sharief, why should not Kashmiris be allowed to cross the Berlin Wall?”

Rasheed condemned the government for doing nothing to rehabilitate thousands of families who were forced to migrate to ‘Azad’ Kashmir in 1989. “While land and residential houses of inhabitants of Bore village have been occupied by army and the population has been forced to migrate but shamelessly government has not given migratory status to the inhabitants, thus exposing itself its double standards.”


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